Sunday, December 16, 2007


I had the unfortunate opportunity to attend the funral of the mom of one of my closest friends this past Thursday. As funerals usually do, it got me to thinking. I didn't htink of what I wanted said at my funeral, or wonder who would be there. Instead, I wondered about the woman that lay before us and the extraordinary life she lead. She wasn't rich, famous or a great adventurer, but she was an amazing woman. She was one of the best examples of faith, love, motherhood, friendship, charity, service, hard work, laughter and joy that I have known. Not only was she an example of these things, but she raised her daughter (and seven other children) to be as well. Since I met her daughter back in high school, both women have been a source of comfort, strength and inspiration to me. I, along with countless others, was always welcomed into their home and treated with an abundance of kindness. I have shared laughter and tears with both mother and daughter throughout the years. This great woman raised a daughter whose faith and testimony have helped restore my own, who has loved me unconditionally, helped me through the darkest times of my life and celebrated the happiest times with me. As I sat listening to the service for this great lady, my thoughts turned to the many women I have been blessed to look to in my life. I have an amaing mother. She is one of my best friends. I know I can tell her anything and she will still love me. She has dropped everything, driven through the night and spent money she didn't really have to spend to be by my side when I needed her. She is such an example to me of what a mother ought to be. I have been SO blessed to have such amazing friends. When my life was flipped upsidedown, they were there for me. I know I can always turn to them and look to them for an example. I have great sisters and a fantastic, close-knit extended family. How lucky I am to be a part of such a great family. How blessed. I am so greatful to all of these great women and I pray that I can be worthy to stand among them. I can only hope to offer them a small portion of what they have given to me. To all of you, thank you. Its not enough, but on paper (or screen!) I can give no more.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Where did November go?

Apparently, I lost a month somewhere. Has anyone seen November anywhere? It must be lost because I don't remember it coming or going really! Life around the Gilbert house has been crazy busy over the last while. So many things have happened, here are a few of the most noteable...

1. We bought a car. I love it!! I don't love the payments, but its going to help our credit so we're not having to pay a zillion dollars in interest on our house! Yippee!

2. James found out he has to get lasik surgery. Of course, he found this out AFTER we drained our savings for the aforementioned car. Oh well. He'll be getting the surgery in the early part of next year.

3. I quit my job at the school to stay home full time and get my clothing line up and running. I'll keep you posted as it develops, but keep your eyes out for my new maternity line debuting early next year!!

4. I have taken on a million different sewing jobs. Its amazing, really. I had ads up forever about my custom sewing and alteration business, hoping I wouldn't have to go back to work. No results, so back to work I went. Then, I decide to do the clothing line full time, and suddenly I'm swamped with orders and alterations! Its a good thing I love to sew!

5. I have been called as a primary teacher. We'll see how long it lasts. Last time, I taught two lessons and then they changed me to pianist. I don't know what age or anything I'll be teaching b/c I don't actually start until January.

6. TJ... well, what can I say, he keeps me busy, but he also keeps me smiling. Yesterday, he almost made me pee my pants I was laughing so hard. He started walking around the furniture 5 or 6 weeks ago and now he thinks hes ready to try it on his own. (He's not!) He was holding on to one of the tables, turned around, leaned on the table, looked up at me, smiled and launched himself forward! He flopped right on his face. At first, he looked startled. Then, he looked up at me and went into hysteric fits of giggling!! It was the cutest thing I've ever seen!
This was at Trevor and Cheri's place. TJ LOVED the singing snowman!!

7. Ok, I saved the best for last!!! Things are FINALLY finished with cancelling my temple sealing and our little family is going to be sealed on December 22!!!!!!!!!! If you could see me right now, you would see smiles like crazy!! It has taken almost three years, but it is finally here!! Hip hip HOORAY!!!

Ok, now I'm off to continue preparing for the festivities at hand! (Man I am a nerd!!) I will talk to you all much sooner than last time!!