Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Dirty Little Secret...

Ok, so you know how some people have a little secret like the don't make their famous "Grandma's Apple Pie" from scratch, its actually from a box and a can.... Well, my secret is not nearly as dreadful as that. But it is a juicy one. Ready...

I rarely have my own creative ideas. Really, its true. Sad, but true. I can take someone else's idea and tweak it, but to come up with something completely my own is not something that happens often! I am actually super jealous of people who are able to create the things their brains come up with. I acknowledge that I have been blessed with many creative talents, but actually coming up with something unique is not one of them.

Well, there it is, now you know. On a side note, I'm going Black Friday shopping this weekend and I'm SO excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring on the deals!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I've got so many thoughts rolling around in my head right now, but for this post I'm just going to focus on Halloween. I'll get my thoughts together and write more later!

So to start, Halloween was really fun! On Friday morning, we had a party for the kiddos at Amanda's house. She had her dayhome kids, we invited our cousin and her girls and Amanda invited a few of her friends and their kids. We had mummies (crescent wrapped hotdogs) with blood (ketchup) to dip them in, monster eyeballs (grapes) and pumpkin juice. Sorry, no pictures of our lunch, but the mummies were super cute and the kids ate tons! We also did some halloween crafts and watched The Great Pumpkin. Here are a few random pics of the party...

Then Friday night, James and I went to a murder mystery party at our friends place. It was SO fun, but there were tons of people and it got SO hot and I got pretty sick. I didn't get to do nearly as much as I wanted because I was outside cooling down a lot, but it was still fun! It was called an "Immortal Murder" because it dealt with a bunch of immortal beings from around the King Aurthur story. James was a "watcher" who is a mortal that protects the secrets of the immortals. I was the lake fairy. There were also vampires, werewolves, and wizards.

(You can tell in the picture that I was super toasty cause I'm all red!)

Saturday, we took TJ trick or treating at the mall and to his Grandma & Grandpa Gilbert's house. That evening, our ward did a trunk or treat and we took him there. Amanda brought Adi out and helped "guard" our trunk! Ok, blogger won't accept the rotated version of this, but Manda had Adi propped up in a chip box in the back of the truck!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I will post about halloween and other stuff soon, but for now, just know that this last week has been crap and to top it all off, I've now got a head cold. If I knew how to make a tounge sticking out face/noise in type-ese, I would. Oh well!