Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I've found a new love in my life. Actually, I've always loved it, I just have never been able to afford it until now! And, I decided I love it so much, I've started selling it. (I know, like I don't have enough going on in my life!) Its only been in Canada since March of this year, so the markets not overly saturated at all! (I'm talking I'm one of under 20 distributors in the 4 western provinces.) You can order directly from my website or host a party! Check it out and let me know if you love it as much as I do!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Ah Ha Moment

Our laptop with all our pics is in the shop (after 4 months of me saying "James, you computer is messed up, PLEASE take it to get fixed", and him ignoring me because he never had the same problem, it finally shut down without warning on him, so it went to the shop the next day! ;) ) so I have no pictures. But I want to keep up with my goal to be better at blogging more regularly. I had an ah ha moment in Relief Society today and thought I'd share it. Lately (like the past year or so!) I've been really missing my life in Utah. I just felt happier and more fulfilled there. I've thought it was becuase I was more involved in things that I loved like theatre and school. But the truth is I love being a Mom more than either of those things, so I should be happier now, right? Honestly my days are no longer or busier than they were when I was in school, they're just filled with different things. Equally busy, just different. So its not that thats making me feel less fulfilled. During RS we were talking about studying the scriptures and how it makes us feel and I thought "Duh, when I was at school I was reading the scriptures ALL the time." I had to for class and that led me to want to in my own time. Since I got back to Alberta, I haven't been good about reading my scriptures at all. Funny how the answer can be so simple, but I'm so thickheaded it takes me oh... about 7 years to figure it out!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


My little man turned three this week and I've gotta say, I pretty much love him to pieces! There are days that I think he might not make it to the next day, let alone his next birthday, but when hes not being a holy terror, I adore him! I mean, really, how could you not! Just look at him.

Birthday's in our house tend to be a bit of an affair! On Monday, we had a family dinner at Manda's (our kitchen has been torn apart for a few weeks, but thats a whole other post!). Tuesday was his actual birthday, but we couldn't do the dinner on that day becasue I teach piano lessons. After I was done teaching on Tuesday, we decided to take him into a movie. We actually were going to take him bowling or mini golfing, but bowling was all booked forleague bowling and as soon as we got to the Movie Mill to go mini golfing, he changed his mind and was determined to see a movie! We had his party with a few friends on Saturday and it was a blast!

Lately, he has been huge into maps and pirates. So, we had a pirate party! The kids all got to decorate a foam pirate hat and then got swords and eyepatches. I know, you're saying "What! She gave a group of kids swords! What a stupid woman!" But the kids were actually really great with them! We didn't have a single problem with anyone hitting anyone else or anything like that.

It took about 14 shots to get this picture, but here we all are giving our best pirate "Arrr"!

After they were all decked out in their pirate gear, we went on a treasure hunt. We went across the "lake" in front of our house, around the park and the baseball diamond, back across the lake and found the treasure under the tree in our backyard. The treasure chest was full of stuff for lunch!
TJ carried our map and led the way!

After lunch, we opened presents and had cake! And, I have to say I have pretty awesome sisters. Due to our kitchen being torn apart, I asked my one sister if she could pick up a cake on the way out. When she showed up, they had both gotten together the night before and made an amaing cake which the kids LOVED!

After cake, we went on another treasure hunt where the kids found their treat boxes (that looked like mini treasure chests. I forgot to take a picutres of those!) Then we watched the Princess and the Frog until their parents came to get them! Overall, it was a huge success!
My three favorite things about TJ right now
1. How sensitive he is. He is always concerned about how everyone is feeling.
2. His crazy imagination. As I type this, he is sitting on Papa's lap singing "Row Row Row Your Boat" looking for animals, monsters, whatever he decides to find!
3. How much he loves Myles. He was so upest that I didn't get Myles any pirate gear for the party. So he shared his.

How lucky am I!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mi Vida Loca

Things have been pretty crazy around here! However, its been good crazy for the most part. In an effort to keep this post from taking 132 hours to read, I'm just going to glaze over most everything that has been happening.

A while ago, I'd had enough of TJ's soothers. So, we concocted a plan. For a few weeks, we talked about the Soos Fairy. She comes and takes the soos's from kids who are ready to be big kids and she leaves them a present. Then she gives those soos's to little babies who need them. At first he was resistant, but after a week or so, he got pretty excited. One night, we left a note for the Fairy along with all his soothers. Then we went to a Hurricaines game with my sister and cousin. When we came back, the soothers were gone and his present was in their place.

We also decided a while ago that it was time to start potty training. TJ actually just started going on his own, but then became really disinterested. Combined with trying to get him to get rid of the soothers, we knew were asking a lot, so we bribed him. I'll be the first to admit that I'm all about bribery! Anywho, we decided that we'd give him a big boy party when he was going potty on the toilet and had no more soothers. He picked two of his friends and they got to make pizzas, watch a movie and have "football cakes'. TJ was determined we were having a football cake for his party, but I was not about to make a whole cake for 3 kids. Then I kind of forgot about it until the day before, so here is my last minute idea!

I've mentioned before that I'm really trying to get the business name out there, so we've decided that we're going to do quite a few trade show type things. We had our first one a few weeks ago. We changed up our display and added some new products too. Here are a couple of pictures.

For Easter, we had tons of fun around here. We decided for Easter dinner to have a steak BBQ. Check out these babies James picked out!

The town had an Easter egg hunt on the Saturday after Good Friday. It was COLD and super windy, but still really great. I love the fact that the town is starting to do more of these things. As you can see, TJ was FROZEN!

On Easter Monday, we held our second annual Gilbert Easter Egg Hunt. We invited a bunch of friends and got together to hunt eggs. James and I provided 3 eggs for each of the kids and then the families provided 5 eggs for each kid in their family. We barbequed hot dogs and had cookies for the kids to decorate. One of the three eggs that James and I provided were homemade chocolate covered marshmallow eggs. They were so easy and yummy!

Well, there has been much more craziness, but I've prattled on long enough! Hope you all had a great Easter and that life is going well!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Stay Tuned...

Ok, so I suck at blogging. Oh well, it is what it is! However, this weekend I fully intend on taking a break from the insanity of my life and blogging about said insanity. It will be fun. Super fun. You should make sure you come back and read about it!