Sunday, April 27, 2008


In all of life and learning, have much fun. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.
-President Gordon B. Hinkley

Ok, I know it hasn't been a full month yet, but I have so much to say that just can't wait. Besides, its Sunday, so I'm not working or cleaning my house. TJ is busy playing with his legos and I don't feel like working on anything at this moment. So, here goes. You know how some Sundays, you go to church and every word the speakers say is just for you. Today was one of those for me. The topic the speakers were given was cheerfulness. Let me fill you in on a few of the things that have happened. First and foremost, James decided to quit up north and be home. While this is a wonderful thing, it has presented some really difficult challenges. Financially, we are nowhere near where we wanted to be when he was done up there. So, now we are left "homeless" with no prospect of buying a house in the near future. As he has been trying to find a job that will support us, we are quickly realizing just how much will have to happen for us to get out of mom and dad's place. (Not that we don't love them, we just need our own space.) Add to that the stress of not having a paycheck for the last month, and... well I'm sure you understand how I've been feeling. So, money worries aside, I've been feeling very trapped. The prospect of living with my parents for the next 5 years makes me cry. Literally. The business, as most business do, is going slower than I hoped, only because I'm figuring out all of the little quirks and getting stuff worked out. Things are going well now and I'll have the first major batch of stuff done by Thursday, so I'll post more about that later this week. Add to that that April has been one of the busiest months on record, and I haven't been very cheerful lately. The talks were so great and reminded me that I have so much to be grateful and cheerful about. I have a husband who wants to be with his family, a son who is healthy, smart and ridiculously cute, a family who loves and supports me, a house to live in, bed to sleep on and food to eat. The things I feel are "missing" in my life are all attainable if I am patient. (I know, it sounds SO easy) I have had many great examples of happy people in my life, all of whom I've said I want to be like. Part of being like them is learning to be joyful despite adversity.

Ok, enough of this being serious stuff. On to the fun stuff. On April 13, TJ turned 1. We were supposed to go for a picnic at the lake, but it snowed, so we moved our party inside at the church where James' parents go to church. We had such a great time!! TJ got lots of presents and was spoiled rotten, as all good grandchildren should be. Here are some of my favorite pics from the evening.

So, TJ`s actual birthday was on the same day as the opening of Swiss Chalet, where both of the girls are working. They were great. Amanda, made TJ a birthday bandanna (which he didnt wear very long). Then they brought him a dirt cup for deseret and sang to him.

Manda, Mom and I went for lunch the day after his birthday and he had an ice cream cone. I didnt get a good shot of the after, so here is the nice, clean before.

James mom and dad bought TJ this cute little lego wagon to go with the HUGE bag of legos James and I bought him and he loved it. He also got a swimsuit and pool from Grandma and Grandpa Thornhill (which I am sure he will love when he gets the chance to use them), a ton of clothes from everyone and a cute little golf set from James brother and his wife.This was the him eating the cake. I made cupcakes, so it was a more tolerable amount.


Today, we had a weenie roast out at Aunt Annettes because Brandy, Simon andthe girls are down. It was great fun!!! TJ has been taking a few tentative steps lately, so he went for a walk with his cousins! So cute!After a while, they got tired, so they sat in the grass and played for quite a while.

Ok, I have a million more things that have happened this past month, but this post is long enough!! I will talk to you all later!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

See you in a month!

Ok, so I just wanted to drop a quick line and let everyone know I am alive. Sick, but alive. However, my illness is environmentally induced. As it becomes spring, hay and grass, my mortal enemies, come out to wreak havok on my sinuses. It will pass (somewhat). My poor little TJ is sick too. Unfortunately, his is not as simple as mine. He has bronciolitis, which is similar to bronchitis, but just in a smaller part of his chest. We took him to the hospital twice last week and they gave him some medicine. He is getting better, but slowly.

Exciting news, my fabric shipment got here this week!! I'm VERY excited. However, it means that I will be VERY busy for the next few weeks. So, if I don't post again this month, please forgive me. I will be checking in on all of you, but can't guarantee I'll be able to catch some free time to post! We'll see what the month brings!! Wish me luck!!