Wednesday, April 11, 2012


No, seriously, if you are a mom, you MUST read this.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


It's Easter break and our families are getting together this week, plus its TJ's birthday and we have a family party and friend party and James is home for the week finishing school (cramming the last month into a week), trying to get our yard cleaned so it doesn't look quite so white trash and have a couple of shoe shows.  In short, not blogging this week!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Self Reliant Saturday

Wouldn't you like to have this from your food storage?  And wouldn't it be great if it all came out of a jar where you controlled what went in it, not a box where you have no idea what's there?  This site has got some really great recipes.  I want to try some for sure!  Just be sure to read through the safety section to be sure you don't end up poisoning your family! ;)

Fitness Friday

I planned on starting this this this week. Sadly, it did not happen.  But it WILL happen this coming week!

Thankful Thurday

Whatever Wednesday

Today was H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E! Enough said.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

{1} We took a day trip to Calgary yesterday.  Mostly it was to take Jess to pick up her new car, but the upside was we got to see James!  The kids were thrilled to see him and so was I.  We went for a quick dinner and that was about all the time we had.

{2} Speaking of James, he is really enjoying his training.  We got some good news and some not so great news and now we get to decide what to do with it!  Wish us luck!

{3} I love this place.  I need to go there.  Soon.

{4} I wish I could go to this place soon. 

{5} Or this place. Sadly, neither one is an option any time soon!

{6} On our road trips (which we take LOTS of) we play games.  One of TJ's favorites is the animal game.  You ask yes and no questions and try to guess what animal someone is thinking of. Its quite fun.  Except I'm no great animal afficianodo, so I usually have to ask James if my answer should be yes or no!

{7} I used to look forward to holidays.  They always meant seeing all my aunts, uncles and cousins.  Then things happened and now I just dread them.  Blah.

{8} I am, however, super excited for our annual Easter Egg Hunt.  I know Easter is not about candy.  I think its of utmost importance that kids know that Christmas and Easter are not about the presents and the parties, but about the Savior.  I also don't think that its wrong to have fun too!  I love any reason to throw a party and, even more important, to get together with friends.  And it helps remind me that holiday gatherings can be normal and fun.

{9} Myles makes me laugh daily.  He is such a card.  I just pulled out the next size clothes for him and he found a shirt that has the Batman symbol on it.  He insisted on wearing it today.  When Papa came into the room Myles started pointing at his chest going "Bama, Bama". Papa said "What a nice new batman shirt" and Myles put his arm in the air a la Superman and started running around shouting "Bama"  It was awesome.

{10} I think I ate at least double my allowed calories yesterday.  It felt gross.  But I had to rush the dog to the vet in the morning (not to go into gory details, but lets just say there was literally a bloody mess to clean up on the floor).  I knew we were going to Calgary, so I had to hurry.  I grabbed a breakfast sandwich from my Mom at Tim's (it was free). Lunch was again on the go (and equally as gross as breakfast) and that shot my calories for the day.  Dinner, however, was delicious and completely worth every calorie!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mommy Monday

So many things I want to say today, but I don't really know which one to pick or where to start.  One of the  biggest things that has been on my mind lately is how important it is for us as mothers and parents to teach our children. 

Too often, parent's rely on the other adults in their children's lives to teach.  They don't take the time to sit down with their children and make sure they know what to believe.  I'm not really talking about things like reading, writing, ect.  I think those are incredibly important things for children to learn and I don't necessarily think that schools are doing an amazing job of teaching them, but its also not horrible.  I'm talking more about the values and beliefs that are missing in today's society.  There are things that are happening all around us today that have become "normal."  Cursing is nothing, children have such a high sense of entitlement that there is almost no such thing as a work ethic, the family unit is being attacked viciously, faith and religion are being attacked, technology is being introduced to children at much earlier ages, parents are giving children tvs, computers and cell phones before they are able to understand the consequences of abusing that technology, and "old-fashioned" things such as chores, morality, and modesty are laughed at. 

Recently, I sat in a class where there was a debate about a government choice to teach about homosexuality and make sex ed mandatory.  I didn't say much in the class, not because I didn't have my opinions or because I didn't want to offend anyone, but more because I was digesting and processing the different opinions being offered.  Being LDS, I don't believe that homosexuality is right.  However, I also don't believe that being a homosexual makes you a bad person.  Some of my very closest friends have chosen to live that lifestyle and they are still amazing people.  I believe in tolerance.  Letting others live what and how they want and respecting them as a person, a human being, a child of God.  Unfortunately, too many people feel like in their search for "equality" it is necessary to take away my right to choose.  I don't want to go on too much of a rant about this, as this isn't really my point.  My point is that I am only one vote. The reality is that, short of voting, signing petitions and contacting my MLA, I cannot do a whole lot to change what happens in the world around me.  I can, however, instill in my children those values and beliefs that are so important to me.  It may not make me the most popular parent.  I'm sure in years to come I will hear several complaints from my childen regarding my rules about no TVs in bedrooms, no cell phones for children, chores, ect.  But I hope to develop such a great relationship with my children that when the time comes that they are taught something in school that doesn't agree with what I am teaching them, they will have the manners to listen politely and then come home and discuss with me any questions they may have.  It means I may have to take more of "my" time to develop a loving, trusting and open relationship with my children.  It means that, even though they're young, I need to start now.  It means that for the next several years, my time is not really mine.  But that's what being a parent is supposed to be about.  That's something, I'm afraid, too many parents have forgotten.

The good news is, even though it's going to be hard, it's worth it!

PS Can anybody tell me how to fix my header?  I tried making one and its off centered and looks dumb :(