Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

Ten things I want to remember about...

{1} He is so concerned for Myles and Kezia. If either get sick or hurt, he cries
{2} He has such an active imagination
{3} How much he loves school. I hope it never changes
{4} How he says "basagna"
{5} The way he loves with all his heart
{6} Those moments when he's so excited he learned something and it's like he's going to burst if he can't show me right that second
{7} How much he loves to pray
{8} What a great big brother he is
{9} How fast he is growing. He's kit a little boy any more and I feel like I'm going to blink and he's going to be gone and I have to constantly remind myself this isn't going to last forever
{10} How much he loves primary

{1} His great little smile and giggles
{2} The game we play where he pretends to "eat" me
{3} How much he idolizes TJ and adores Kezia
{4} He is so concerned about his family. He thought someone who came over the other day was going to take Kezia because they headed to the door while holding her and he ran after them screaming "no baby" and crying
{5} How much he lights up when he sees James
{6} He is so stubborn! Especially when it comes to what he wears!
{7} He wears mismatching snow boots daily. I can't get him to stop
{8} The way it feels when he throws his arms around my neck
{9} His love/hate relationship with Adi (Truthfully, right now it drives me bonkers, but some day I'll look back on it and laugh, right. Someone?? Please tell me there's hope!)
{10} How he loves when James calls. He'll stand there with a huge grin and try to push every button on the phone all while yelling "hi daddy!"

{1} How even though she is tiny, she is ferocious!
{2} The look on her face when James calls
{3} Her utter fascination with her brothers
{4} She is trying so hard to stand on her own!
{5} The warm fuzzies that come when we snuggle
{6} Her attitude. She is a complete princess
{7} The hair bow war. Mommy is determined she will wear them and she is determined she will rid the world of them!
{8} What a happy, content baby she is!
{9} How quickly she can destroy a room
{10} That she has more shoes than I do!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

For today's 10, I'm going to do a couple of top ten lists.

Top 10...

Favorite Foods/Drinks

{1}  Virgin Pina Coladas... YUM!
{2}  Pineapple
{3}  Watermelon ... Funny story.  My family used to go camping with several other families every August long weekend.  One year (I was 16 or 17) we still had about 8 or 9 HUGE watemelons the last night of camp.  My best friend, myself and 2 of the boys from another family decided it would be a great idea to have a watermelon eating contest.  Between the 4 of us, we ate all of the giant watermelons (seriously, they were HUGE!!) in under 8 minutes. I couldn't even stand to think about eating a watermelon after that. Then when I was pregnant with Myles, it was all I wanted to eat!
{4}  Ice cream/frozen yogurt  I could skip pretty much any other dessert in the world if given a bowl of yummy ice cream (as long as its not vanilla or something gross!)
{5}  Crab
{6}  Shrimp
{7}  Grilled salmon (sensing a theme? Maybe I sould move closer to the ocean!)
{8}  Asparagus
{9}  Brussel Sprouts
{10} Did I mention crab and shrimp?

Things you may not know about me

{1} I hate all things creepy crawly... spiders, snakes, lizards... eww
{2} I love public speaking, but talking to someone I'm not really close to one on one causes me to have heart palpitations.
{3} I have started and not completed 2 different degrees, depsite getting full scholarships to 3 universities.
{4} I was named after my grandma
{5} I broke every "rule" I had when naming TJ. In fact, I still am unsure it was the right thing to do some days!
{6} I have taught 210 piano students and 63 voice students in the past 14 years
{7} I do not like cats
{8} I'm a huge Dr. Seuss nerd
{9} I used to do competitive storytelling
{10} I helped with costumes for the Salt Lake Olympics and the displays at the visitors center on Temple Square

And just because this is awesome...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mommy Monday

Nothing like a good bonfire to end the long weekend.

Only problem is it really makes me want to go camping!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Whatever Wednesday

I'm super stoked. I got an elipitcal for $15!!!  I have wanted one for SO long!! Now to clean my room so I can put it in there!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

{1} This month has been awful.  Not just too stressed to function horrible, but life altering, never be the same horrible.  Wish I could say I'm handling it better, but that would be lying.

{2} I had another birthday this month.  It was fairly uneventful, but I did get lots of great new jewelry!

{3} Things are going really great with the business.  In fact, they're going way better than we anticipated.  We're feeling like we've got to catch up!

{4} I slept horribly last night and wanted to go to be3d far earlier than now.  However, my children have other ideas.  My kids are usually really good at going to bed.  As in 8 is a late night and those usually only happen once every month or so!  And once they're in bed, they're in bed for good!  Tonight, it is 11pm and they're still going strong.

{5} Mother's Day is one of the most difficult holiday's for me since Mom left.  I am SO greatful for the opportunity I have to be a mother.  I love that part of the day.  But the part where everyone talks about how great their Mom's are and how much they look up to them and adore them makes my heart hurt.  I used to have an amazing mother.  She was not perfect and we had our disagreements, but she was an awesome example of love and friendship and compassion.  She stood for what she believed in no matter what.  She loved us unconditionally and we knew it.  She taught me so much.  All that has changed.  She has changed.  She has become one of the most selfish people I have ever known.  She has said and done so many hurtful things that I don't know how to like her anymore.  I love her.  I will always love her.  But Mother's Day just makes me more painfully aware of how much I miss my Mom.  Not the Mom I have now, but my real Mom.

{6} I'm about a milisecond away from giving up on ever getting my house done.

{7} I got a gift card to get some new books for my Kobo for my birthday. Any suggestions?

{8} I'm loving this warm weather! Keep it coming!

{9} I think all my bills might get paid this month! Wahoo!

{10} We went on a picnic at the lake for FHE last night.  It was great.  I have to admit, though, I have decided I have watched too many crime shows with my Dad. (I'm not really a big TV watcher, but Dad likes a bunch of shows like Criminal Minds and stuff, so they're usually on at night!) There was an episode at one point in time where a kidnapper brought a bunch of balloons to the park to earn the trust of the kids.  Yesterday, two ladies showed up with probably about 50 balloons and started handing them out and some part of me started freaking out.  If I end up moving to Calgary, how am I ever going to survive!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

{1} I took a brief hiatus from blogging.  Not because I wanted to, but because life was so crazy busy that I barely had time to breathe. I missed it.

{2} TJ turned 5 a few weeks ago. Holy cow. We had a weekend of birthday insanity.  It was great. I'll post all about it later, but for now, a picture or two to tide you over...

{3} James graduated! I'm so proud of him and all the hard work he has put in over the past few years!

This picture cracks me up
Sadly, one of the best pictures I got of James all day...
{4} Speaking of James, he got a job!  Unfortunately, its in Calgary.  For now, we are not moving because most jobs in corrections start as casual.  He's getting full time hours, but they're not guranteed, so we're not quite at that point.

At the dinner he organized for his class
{5} Again, speaking of James, anyone know someone in Calgary who has a room for rent?

{6} I'm feeling like my house is never going to be done. I need at least one more day a week.

{7} I had SO much to do today, but instead, I snuggled my kids and watched a movie with them.  It was fabulous.  I am so greatful for the opportunity I have to be a mother.

{8} I don't understand some people. Especially parents who have no regard for how their actions affect their children.  Even if children are adults, it still causes stress when parents act like idiots.

{9} On Monday, I stayed home ALL DAY for the first day in over a month!!  It was glorious!  I made homemade soup, buns and brownies for the ladies I visit teach (one was sick and one's mother in law just passed away) got a TON of cleaning done (still oodles to do!), washed, dried and folded 12 loads of laundry (it may or may not be sitting in baskets ready to be put away...) and had Family Home Evening.  So good!

We went for sushi after James' convocation. Myles LOVED it! (I know the picture is horrible, but you try and get him to sit still...)
 {10} I'm feeling a serious need to be crafty.  So many projects, so little time!