Thursday, May 22, 2008

Where is May?

Ok, so I didn't realize until just a moment ago exactly how long it has been since I posted. A whole month! Crazy!! I've been forming posts in my head throughout the past days, but haven't had the time to post. The problem is condensing a month (especially one as busy as this past one has been) into a post in the 5 minutes I have to post!! Anywho, enough blathering, on to the important stuff.

In my last post, I wrote that James had decided to find a job down here. However, jobs in the field he wants (welding) are hard to come by down here when you are just an apprentice. So, he headed back up north the first week of May. Sad, but you get used to it after a while. He had a few interviews that went really well, so hopefully he'll hear something. In the meantime, he's working up there and probably going to start an online degree.

On Mother's day weekend, we went to the William Watson Lodge for the weekend. Jessica had to work during the weekend and James was up north, but Manda and Tem were able to come. We had a good time, playing cards and relaxing.

TJ was constantly getting into everything in the kitchen, but we managed to keep the lower cupboards stocked with only non-harmful items!

So, the Tuesday after Mother's Day was my birthday. Let me tell you, it was nothing special. I was (and still am) behind in my sewing, so I woke up early and sewed until 3:30 when I had to head in to my first (and only) shift at Swiss Chalet. Because James stayed home for so long, our money got pretty tight, so I thought I'd get a part time job to help out. However, the job was not so hot and, by the time I figured out what I spent in gas, I was only making a whopping $70 a month. SO not worth it! So, I called the owner and explained the situation to him. He was really understanding and that was that! The highlight (cough cough, major sarcasm) was when Jessica and Amanda (who also work at Swiss Chalet) got the entire wait staff to bring a huge cake and sing to me while I was working.

The rest of the week was filled with sewing. I had one more grad dress I had to finish, and since grad is tonight, I can post the pic of it. It was exactly what she asked for and I loved it. I thought it was so cute!

Ok, I quit trying to get these the right way. The bow (obviously) is on the back and is HUGE!! She really wanted it to make a statement and I think it does.

Then came the long weekend, which was filled with scrapbooking. My cousin is getting married in June and has asked us to do a bunch of pages for decorations. So, my aunt came down and we scrapped late into Saturday (okay, actually early into Sunday). I'm going to get some pictures from Grandma of the layouts I did and I'll post them in the next few days. (Yes Kelly, don't fall off your chair, there will be 2 posts from me in the matter of a week!!)

On the 19th we had a day long birthday celebration. Manda's husband Tem's birthday is the 19th, mine is the 13th and Terry's is the 28th, so we combined them all into one party. We went to the one o'clock show and then went mini golfing at Evergreen and for a picnic at Henderson. It was great!

Manda lost her golfball in the fountain, so she climbed in to get it!! I just left the 3 (yes, 3) balls I lost in there!

If you look at the last post, you'll remember TJ got a golf set for his birthday. He LOVES it! He walks around the house whacking every round thing in site, so mini golf was THRILLING for him.

There was a little boy in the swing next to TJ and they kept making faces at each other, so I look more excited to be swinging than TJ, but oh well! He did really like it, I promise!

Tuesday and Wednesday, I had a really bad headache, so I'm now even further behind in my sewing. I've got a scrapbooking class tonight I'm going to and then I'm chaining myself to my machine until I'm all caught up. That pretty much sums it up!