Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Wish...

Wouldn't this be fantastic! Amy from Mod Podge Rocks went and did a bunch of posts about it! I'm SO jealous! Anyone want to help me start something similar around here? Let me know!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This Post Brought To You By The Number 2, 5 & 100

A few big things have happened around here lately. In order to avoid another ginormously long post like the last one, I'll keep the details as brief as possible!

On January 11, baby #2, now known as Myles Bryan, entered the world. I had to be induced, again, so I was pretty nervous after everything with TJ. (TJ was 2 weeks late, so I was induced and 40 hours later I had pushed for an hour and a half, they had to do a vaccum assisted delivery and I tore like crazy. Not fun...at all.) Things started slowly, just like TJ. Around 4:30 pm, they put me on the drip and I got an epidural. (Side note: I' m all about the epidural. My opinion is, you don't get anything extra for the extra pain, so why not make yourself slightly more comfortable!) Just after 6, I was 5 cm. Myles was born at 6:44 after only 5 pushes. The best news is that I didn't tear at all!! (Ok, the best news is that Myles was happy and healthy, but I'm still pretty happy about the whole not tearing!) Our boy was 8 pounds 9 ounces and 22 inches long with lots of hair.

Our cute little boy.

Showing his attitude already.
Just after being born.

Meeting big brother TJ for the first time the next day.
Our little family.

On the 15th, James and I celebrated our 5th anniversary. We went for dinner and a movie and had a great time together. Its hard to believe its been 5 years. I can't say I've loved every minute of it, but every minute has been worth getting to where we are today!
And some other major news. My Mom decided to leave the other guy and come home. I'm happy/nervous, but I really think she wants to work to make things right. Its going to take a lot of time and work, but we're all ready to do what we need to!
While this last thing is not nearly as exiciting as everything else, its still worth mentioning. This is my 100th post! Woo Hoo me!
So far, 2010 is off to a pretty great start!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Merry Merry And A Few "Resolutions"

***WARNING: This post is LONG! That's what happens when you don't post in forever and there are a few major events that happen!***

Its amazing how quickly time flies. Especially when you have so much you are looking forward to/dreading. I can't lie, I was not looking forward to Christmas this year. In fact I was really dreading the whole holiday season. Christmas and New Years have always been a time when we were surrounded by Mom's family and I knew that wasn't going to be the case this year. I wasn't really sure how we were going to handle it, especially me, being ridiculously prego and emotional! I have to say, it wasn't that bad. We actually had a really great time. It was different and we all definitely missed Mom and wished she was making better choices, but we survived. No, more than that, we thrived! We didn't just muddle through, we enjoyed the season completely!

TJ was completely spoiled. Actually, we all were, but TJ was definitely the most spoiled. He was so excited to open "presinents". He had a little bit of a hard time understanding that it wasn't always his turn to open a present or that all the presents weren't for him, but all in all, he did great!
TJ admiring all the "presinents"

One of his many presents from Papa.

Enjoying his new tools.

He got a few games and he LOVES to play them. I think I played Candyland and Cooties about a hundred times on boxing day!
Enjoying Daddy's big present. Let me pause here to say, in a temporary moment of insanity, I got James a puppy for Christmas. Not a dog, a puppy. A black lab/border collie cross puppy. His name is Zeus. He's cute and relatively well behaved, but I'm sure I should be committed. I was adamant we would not get any kind of pet until we were in our own house and that when we did, it would be a small, adult, already trained dog. Apparantly, I lied on all accounts!

New Year's was pretty low key. I'd been having contractions for the week and a half leading up to New Years, so I wasn't in the mood to do much. We went to Manda's house and ate goodies and played games. New Years Day we had our traditional family fondue. It was delicious and tons of fun. That evening James and I headed out to a party hosted by some of our friends. I laughed so hard I was sure I was going to go into labor, but no such luck!

Playing games at Manda'sTJ carrying a tradition of "cheese wax lips"Adi modelling our fantastic hats from our crackers on New Year's Day.TJ enjoying chocolate fondue!

So, onto something a little more serious (I know, its hard to think of me being serious!) This past year was hard. In fact, that's an understatment. It was awful. There were many times when I was sure there was no way through it. I often wondered if and how we were going to make it. Like I said before, I was not looking forward to Christmas at all. And then it happened and we made it though rather easily. I have learned so much about myself and my family through this last year.

1. I have learned that I know what I believe. This may sound a little odd, so let me explain. For quite some time now, I have felt kind of blase about the Gospel. This doesn't mean I didn't believe it was true, I just didn't put any effort into and consequently, didn't really feel the effect of the Gospel in my life. However, I now know without a shadow of a doubt how important the Gospel is. More importantly, I know how vital it is not to get lazy about living the Gospel.

2. James and I have grown closer together through the whole mess with my Mom. I've learned to take him for granted and to voice concerns I have before they blow into huge issues.

3. One of the biggest things I've learned is how true it is the Heavenly Father will never give us more than we can handle. I've prayed for strength and understanding more this past year than I have since my divorce, and I have felt the strength and peace only He can give.

4. I have learned how important an eternal perspective is. Right now, Mom is making some really stupid choices, but I have no control over it. I can only control my choices and how I react to her choices. I can (and do) pray daily for her to see what she is doing and how misguided she is, but I also have to realize that, as much as I may want it to happen tomorrow, it probably won't and I have to have patience. This is true with all the things in life.

5. Maybe most important of all, I have learned that we have to learn to be happy no matter the circumstances we are given. I truly believe the scriptures when they say "Men are that they might have joy." Heavenly Father wants us to be happy, but that doesn't mean He can take away any hardships or challenges in our life. Its up to us to figure out how to be happy, even in the worst of circumstances.

This New Year is full of promise and opportunity. I'm looking forward to the chance I have to improve myself and my situation and to make the most of the time I'm given!

Happy New Year!